Hi, I'm Adam.

I’ve called Nevada County home since age two. I attended Nevada City’s excellent schools, owned a business on Commercial Street, performed live music on our local stages, and rented apartments here while saving to buy my current home. Nevada City gave me a life I love. Now I'm ready to serve.

We’re a community proud of our history, and rightly concerned about challenges facing our businesses and neighborhoods. Pandemic recovery, wildfire preparedness, and economic resilience can all be achieved by drawing on the talent, wisdom, and experience of our community.

I'll advocate to improve relationships between the public and private sector to make it easier to live and do business in both the historic downtown and Seven Hills districts. This includes a fresh approach to housing that ensures that those who work in Nevada City can afford to live here.

I strongly support our Cultural District designation, downtown courthouse, and arts organizations as economic drivers. Our film festivals, music venues, and street fairs create community and generate jobs and revenue.

I'm committed to building on the best of our past and planning for the future; welcoming ideas for smart rural growth that preserve our shared values and encourage diversity. I welcome your support and collaboration.




I'm honored to have the support of these community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and otherwise remarkable people.
Richard & Julie Baker
Jon Blinder
Gretchen Bond
Rachel Budde
Greg & Sheila Cameron
Shawn Carnahan
Kirsten Casey
Jeffrey Clark
Sarah Coleman
Buzz Crouch
Barbara DeHart
Leslie Dilloway
Kathy Dotson
Paul Emery
Ike & Adrienne Frazee
Lorainne Gervais
Stephen Greenberg
Kate Haight
Hilary Hodge
Dale & Diane Jacobson
David & Teresa Mann
Penny Matson
Jonathan & Margo Meredith
Jenny Michael
Christine & William Newsom Jr, MDs
Kevin Pachman
John Paul
Aaron Ross
Nikiya Schwarz
Peter Selaya
Brett Shady
Mike & Nina Snegg
Mariee Sobanya
Mayor Duane Strawser
Izzi Tooinsky
John Volz
Pinky Zalkin